• 1 roof debris & gutter debris removal
  • Minor sealing (up to $150 value) OR $150 off any needed repairs


$ 199 Plan
  • 2 roof debris & gutter debris removal
  • Minor repairs up to $300 value OR $300 dollars off any needed repairs


$ 299 Plan
  • 3 roof debris & gutter debris removal
  • Minor repairs up to $450 value OR $450 credit toward needed repairs


$ 399 Plan
  • 4 roof debris & gutter debris removal (one for every season)
  • Best suited for homes with heavy tree coverage
  • Includes up to $550 in minor repairs OR $550 credit towards needed repairs


  • Debris build up can be harmful to the life span of your roof.
  • Debris can lead to water ponding or leakage.
  • Where you have debris buildup, you are likely to encounter roof drain and gutter and downspout blockages. When this happens, water can pond on the roof which can present many risks. Ponding can contribute to premature membrane failure and, attract dirt and algae.
  • This is why we now offer a maintenance package to prevent these risk!
  • Each package includes debris removal for roof and gutters as well as minor repairs up to the specified dollar amount per package. Minor repairs could include sealing lifting shingles or caulking around ventilation just to name a common few.
  • Each package also comes with a specified discount in the same amount of included repairs. In the event more repairs are needed than the included amount, that dollar amount will be discounted from the quote we provide to fix as a credit to the policy holder.
  • There is NO RISK in signing up for our FREE roof maintenance plan!
  • Every maintenance plan comes with repair values OVER their cost PLUS debris removal services throughout the year!
  • Packages should be upgraded based on age of roof, typical debris amount, and tree coverage.
  • Let RKG keep your roof safe and problem FREE by signing up for one of maintenance plans TODAY.

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